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C-51 Public Consultations in Vancouver: Round 2

It’s not a deja vu – it’s really happening. A second round of National Security consultations is on its way to Vancouver, so let’s show up en masse and make a memorable appearance!

You may recall about a month ago when our team geared up and showed up at a public consultation in Vancouver on National Security and Bill C-51. There we had the opportunity to  give voice to thousands of Canadians’ strong opposition to the bill.

Our Executive Director, Laura Tribe, gave an impassioned testimony, along with many other Vancouverites who showed up to express their privacy-related concerns and echo a message that we have been delivering for over a year: we want a fullrepeal of Bill C-51.

I wrote at the time about how we felt the consultations were flawed. Why? First, due to the very short notice given to the public about the consultations – resulting in low attendance. Second, a very short time limit for each speaker – just three minutes before the mic was shut off and passed on to the next person. Third, a jetlagged committee with a jampacked schedule that included a consultation per day of the week across Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax). The result: an exhausted committee listening to a very small sample of testimonies, cutting them off halfway through their sentences and rushing from one person to the next.

Does this sound like they were really listening? Does this give us grounds to believe that they are actually going to implement the changes that we have long been asking for? We’re rather skeptical, and we’ve heard from many of you that you are too.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, fellow netizens. On Saturday of this week, December 3, there is a second public town hall coming our way – this time with the Public Safety Ministry – we might even see Minister Goodale show up. That means we can’t afford to let this chance slip through our fingers, and we’re prepping here in the Vancouver office to make a memorable appearance. We hope that you’ll join us, and make it one that cannot be ignored, helping to change the course of the government’s national security consultations to the benefit of the people. In the words of our privacy and surveillance campaigner, Victoria Henry:

“We deserve Better than Bill C-51, we deserve our privacy back”

As simple as that. If you agree, come join us at the public town hall:

When: Saturday, December 3, 2016. 4 - 6 PM

Where: SFU Vancouver Morris J. Wosk Conference Centre (580 W Hastings St) in Vancouver, British Columbia

You are encouraged to register online in advance at: [email protected] (Now is a time to be thankful for that copy/paste function!)

For more information visit their website:

Still got questions? Shoot them an email with the subject line “Question”.

If you can’t make it to the town hall yourself, tell your friends – the more of us who show up, the greater the impact we will have! And make sure you take part in the government’s national  security consultation online using our handy SaveOurSecurity tool (talking points available for you to use at your leisure).

We hope to see you this Saturday!


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