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From the beginning, OpenMedia has been about you

With the support of people like you, OpenMedia was founded just four years ago to engage Canadians in key decisions that affect the Internet’s future. In the face of telecom giants and governments that want to control the Internet, we’ve watched as the pro-Internet community has come together and grown into an empowered national and international movement. You've taken a stand against invasive Online Spying Bill C-30, spoken out to Protect Internet Freedom, and shared your horror stories to help create a new wireless code for Canadians. Now, we want to hear your stories about how you became engaged with OpenMedia.

Please send us a few sentences through email, Facebook, or Twitter on how you became engaged in our work. In other words:

Why did you become involved with OpenMedia?
What motivates you to stay vigilant?

As we ramp up to prepare for our December Allies Drive, we’ll be taking your stories to heart and sharing them with the pro-Internet community. OpenMedia’s story is incomplete without hearing from you, so please take a moment to tell us your story now.

We’ll hope you’ll share your story with us, so that we can show our supporters that the pro-Internet community is worth fighting for.

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