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In a win for Canadians, CRTC promises fair rules to increase independent choice and affordability for fiber Internet access

New rules ensure that Canadians will be able to access an affordable range of services from a variety of providers outside Canada’s telecom giants

“Time and time again the CRTC has said their goal is to ensure a ‘high quality’ and ‘world-class’ communications system for all Canadians. Today, they took a big step towards that,” said OpenMedia Campaigns Manager, Josh Tabish. “Around the world fibre is the Internet of today – not the Internet of tomorrow. Other developed countries have 20 or 30 times more access to affordable fibre than we have in Canada and we need to catch up as soon as possible.”

Tabish continued: “When it comes to fibre Internet, Canada’s stats are embarrassing. Just 3% of Canadian Internet users currently use ultra-fast fibre Internet, compared to nearly 70% in Japan. What’s worse: prices are way out of whack – with Big Telecom packages in cities like Toronto costing over $180 per month. By creating fair open access rules the CRTC has taken  bold step towards catching up with our international peers and bringing costs down. Now it’s time to get these rules implemented as soon as possible.”

OpenMedia will continue to monitor the implementation of this ruling to ensure a quick and seamless process is established that prioritizes increased affordable telecom choice for Canadians.

The CRTC is currently reviewing whether broadband Internet should be included as a basic service in their Review of basic telecommunication services hearing. OpenMedia has already put the perspective of over 25,000 Canadians on the public record as part of the proceeding and will be intervening to ensure 100% of Canadians get access to affordable, world-class Internet services. Canadians can speak out at


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