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Susan McLennan appointed as Board Chair of OpenMedia

Appointment means that OpenMedia is now helmed by two women, Susan McLennan as Board Chair and Laura Tribe as Executive Director

November 4, 2016OpenMedia, a pro-Internet organization which lives at the intersection of tech and civic engagement, is now officially helmed by two women. Susan McLennan, founder and president of Reimagine PR (formerly Babble On Communications), has been appointed Board Chair of OpenMedia. In July, OpenMedia appointed Laura Tribe as Executive Director who originally came to the organization from Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.

OpenMedia works to keep the internet open, affordable and surveillance free, creating community-driven campaigns to engage, educate, and empower people to safeguard the Internet and our digital future. McLennan has served on the board and/or as an OpenMedia advisor for the past five years.

Reimagine PR specializes in transmedia storytelling, helping brands tell authentic stories that drive key business results, change minds and open hearts. In 2015, a television show she and her business partner/husband, Mike Erskine-Kellie, created for American Public Television won two regional Emmy Awards. McLennan lives in Toronto with her husband but travels frequently, working with other leaders in the digital space.

OpenMedia is a national not-for-profit which is headquartered in Vancouver and operates on the global stage. Having grown from 0 to over 700,000 supporters in just a few short years, OpenMedia is helping shape more informed digital policy across the globe, policy that protects the possibilities of the open Internet.

OpenMedia works to keep the Internet open, affordable, and surveillance-free. We create community-driven campaigns to engage, educate, and empower people to safeguard the Internet. Take action now

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