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#StopC51 campaigners vow to keep up the fight, after government uses majority to ram unpopular legislation through Commons after just two days of debate

The controversial Bill will now be considered by the Senate, as campaigners promise to turn Bill C-51 into a key election issue in October, if that’s what it takes to overturn the Bill

Christopher continued: “We’ll keep up the fight in the Senate because if ever a piece of legislation needed sober second thought it’s this one. When combined with the government’s terrible track record on privacy, Bill C-51 underlines just how worrying Canada’s privacy deficit has become in addition to undermining our constitutional rights in many other ways.”

OpenMedia has partnered with experts at the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic and at Canadian Journalists for Free Expression to launch a detailed primer setting out how Bill C-51 endangers rights and freedoms while making Canadians less safe. This primer is available at

213,346 people have now signed the campaign, making this one of the largest campaigns in Canadian history. OpenMedia is encouraging Canadians to continue speaking out until C-51 is killed or overturned.  Canadians can speak out at




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