Report Highlights Need for ‘Made in Canada’ Digital Strategy

Report Highlights Need for ‘Made in Canada’ Digital Strategy

Harvard study exposes Canada’s falling position concerning key broadband metrics


Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A recent report by Harvard University’s Berkman Center argues that Canada is not a top player in Internet provision and service. The study revealed that the country “…is often thought of as a very high performer, based on the most commonly used benchmark of penetration per 100 inhabitants.” However in regards to price, speed, and 3G mobile broadband penetration; Canada was reported as a weak performer.

Canada is most notably far behind in fast fibre to home Internet services. Canada is ranked 19th out of all the Internet enabled countries. believes that this report should be a wake up call for the CRTC and the government. National Coordinator, Steve Anderson said today, “this study highlights how important it is for the CRTC and the government to take action for Canada’s digital future. The report validates Canada’s need for a broadband plan and a broader ‘made in Canada’ digital strategy.”

See the original report here (analysis of Canada starts on p. 162):


Steve Anderson
National Coordinator
[email protected]

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