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Parliament set to debate C-51 today (Friday), as over 200,000 Canadians call for the Bill to be scrapped

In recent developments:

  • Michael Doucet, the head of the Security Intelligence Review Committee responsible for overseeing CSIS, warned a Parliamentary hearing that: “With the passage of Bill C-51, SIRC will stand at a critical threshold whereby its ability [and capacity] to effectively fulfill its review function could be in jeopardy.”

  • Daniel Therrien, Federal Privacy Commissioner, told the Senate National Security Committee that: “The bill would potentially lead to disproportionately large amounts of personal information of ordinary, law-abiding citizens being collected and shared. This sets up the prospect of profiling and Big Data analytics on all Canadians. In short, the means chosen are excessive to achieve the end.”

  • 60 top business leaders warned the government that Bill C-51 will cause serious damage to Canada’s economy. In a joint op-ed published in the National Post they warned that the “unbalanced” legislation will undermine international trust in Canadian businesses.

Canadians are continuing to speak out at



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