Canada Free & Open Internet nudges CBC Director Mitchel toward collaboration at APM

October 21, 2010, Vancouver BC – Yesterday, brought local staff, volunteers, and members of the community to CBC/Radio-Canada's Annual Public Meeting, and made the case for public media as an open platform for media innovation and community collaboration.

Attendees from were pleased to hear executives of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation describe their network as a public space. They also agreed that Canada is at the center of a revolution in media, with more opportunity for citizen participation than ever before.
"We want what Canadians want,” said CBC President & CEO Hubert Lacroix, “a vibrant CBC/Radio-Canada that gives voice to a creative nation.”

During the question period,’s National Coordinator Steve Anderson asked CBC Vancouver's Managing Director, Johnny Michel, whether the Corporation planned to experiment more with interactive or participatory media, and if they planned to take advantage opportunities to partner with community-based or otherwise independent media, like W2: Community Media Arts in Vancouver.
Though Michel could not confirm future plans due to uncertainties surrounding funding, he was able to cite News Day, a program that allows student reporters to cover the stories that are important to them. The CBC has also collaborated with CHEK, an independent television station in Victoria, and looks forward to other similar partnerships in the future.

“ supports and values public media, and enjoyed this opportunity to engage with the operations of the CBC,” said Anderson. “Though we believe the CBC could do a better job embracing interactive formats and collaborating with independent media groups, there is evidence of a shift in a positive direction. “

Anderson continued, “The CBC was very receptive of input from and the other attendees. This is an exciting time for public media in Canada.”


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