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Media Advisory: Cable companies mismanage millions in public funds

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Steve Anderson, Executive Director,
Cathy Edwards, Spokesperson for CACTUS

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The Community Media Fund: In April 2010, the CRTC conducted a hearing to review a 2% community broadcast levy (bringing in roughly $120 million per year) that the "Big 4" cable companies—Cogeco, Rogers, Shaw and Vidéotron—have been mismanaging. The public trust is meant to be used to fund independent citizen media, but instead has been fed back into stations controlled by the Big 4.

These cable companies are mandated to offer 60% local programming with 30% community production. Nearly all of them fail to meet these minimum standards. is a non-profit organization that safeguards the possibilities of the Internet. The group works towards informed & participatory digital policy. has fought to liberate the community media fund from big cable companies through policy interventions and through a citizen engagement initiative that helped deliver nearly 3,000 submissions to the CRTC.

CACTUS (the Canadian Association of Campus and Community Television User Groups and Stations) is an online resource and meeting place for campus and community television volunteers, producers, station managers, advocates and activists.

CACTUS is a part of the Network.

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