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Local tech leaders launch #StepUp4Net fundraising campaign for digital rights organization OpenMedia

Fundraising drive challenges tech community to step up and defend the free and open Internet with matching donations up to $50,000

Initial supporters of campaign include: Boris Mann (Managing director @FullStackDotCa), Ian Bell (RosterBot), Mack Hardy (Affinity Bridge), Michael Tippett (Hootsuite etc..), Phillip Djwa (Agentic Digital Media) Steve Rio (BriteWeb), and Tim Bray (Textuality). Other supporters can be found at

The three core concerns driving the campaign are as follows:

1. Broadcast-era media players (MPAA) hope to gain powers to create new liabilities for online service providers and censor content through an agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

2. Large telecom providers hope to gut key Net Neutrality rules so they can force competing services into Internet slowlanes.

3. Out-of-control government surveillance is undermining the trust required for a functioning digital economy and democratic society.

Learn more about the campaign at


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