Idea #10: A Sea-to-Sky Greenbelt

Idea #10: A Sea-to-Sky Greenbelt
by: Tom Barrett

The Sea-to-Sky corridor is in danger of turning into a giant strip mall, says Smart Growth B.C., a non-profit group dedicated to encouraging sustainable planning.

The answer, the group believes, is a greenbelt that would stretch from West Vancouver to beyond Pemberton.

"There's a huge amount of growth and development pressure in that region," says Ione Smith, special projects co-ordinator for Smart Growth B.C.

This pressure would be occurring with or without the 2010 Olympics, Smith says. But certainly, she says, the Games add to the problem.

With the population of the corridor projected by some estimates to double in the next 20 years, communities along the Sea-to-Sky Highway could throw off massive low-density sprawl.

A Sea-to-Sky greenbelt would help control that sprawl, Smith says.

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