CRIA Announces Shut Down of Canadian Counterfeiting Operation

CRIA Announces Shut Down of Canadian Counterfeiting Operation

by: Michael Geist

I'm at Canadian Music Week in Toronto this week (where a representative of the RIAA urged Canadians to increase the "hassle" factor of P2P by launching lawsuits and polluting the P2P networks with fake files) where CRIA just issued a press release heralding the shut down and arrest of a major music counterfeiting operation in Manitoba. The release claims that 30 percent of pirated CDs seized in Toronto originate from the operation. CRIA's Graham Henderson is quoted as saying that "today's arrests send out a clear message that commercial piracy will no longer be tolerated in Canada." I'm not sure that commercial piracy was ever tolerated in Canada, but I'm in agreement that this is good news. Commercial piracy - which can and should be distinguished from non-commercial cases - should not be tolerated and it is good to see that Canadian law and Canadian law enforcement are clearly up to the challenge of dealing with the issue.

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