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Commons to vote on ‘secret police’ bill C-51 as early as Tuesday after over 205,000 Canadians have spoken out online

MPs are being inundated with letters, phone calls, emails, and tweets in one of the largest citizen campaigns in Canadian history

OpenMedia’s privacy campaigner David Christopher said: “The verdict from Canadians is clear - Bill C-51 will recklessly endanger our rights and our privacy, while making us less safe. The top privacy and security experts in the land are warning about the damage this extreme legislation will lead to in terms of the reckless disclosure of the sensitive information of innocent Canadians.”

Christopher continued: “It’s incredibly irresponsible for this government to defy Canadians by ramming this unpopular legislation through. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, as the election comes into focus Canadians will remember which MPs endorsed this reckless and dangerous piece of legislation.”

Over 205,000 Canadians have now signed the petition against the bill at



David Christopher

Communications Manager, OpenMedia


[email protected]

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