Broadcasting watchdog keeps ears perked for changes in CBC Radio

Broadcasting watchdog keeps ears perked for changes in CBC Radio
CBC News

CBC Radio is "a national treasure" and audiences across the country will be listening carefully for any changes following the announcement of CBC's integration plans, a Canadian broadcasting watchdog said on Friday.

The public broadcaster announced on Thursday the amalgamation of its English-language platforms — including, CBC-TV and CBC Radio — under Richard Stursberg, promoted from his previous post as TV chief. The move comes two years after CBC's French-language services were integrated under Radio-Canada executive Sylvain Lafrance.

"We do have some concerns about [the decision], notwithstanding fact that it happened on the French-language side," Ian Morrison, spokesman for Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, told Arts on Friday.

According to the watchdog group, CBC Radio holds the attention of about 13 per cent of the total radio listening audience across the country.

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