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In big win for Internet users, CRTC finds Bell Mobility unlawfully made competing mobile video apps and services more expensive

Following case taken by concerned Canadians and public interest groups, CRTC says mobile providers cannot markup independent services like Netflix to give their own content an unfair advantage

Ben Klass, telecom researcher and filer of the original complaint, had this to say: “Ensuring that all content is treated equally is crucial to ensuring that the Internet remains a level playing field for innovators, entrepreneurs, and everyday Internet users. In a world where Bell could charge 800% more for competing services it seemed unlikely that innovation could thrive. It’s heartening to see the CRTC side with Canadians and strike down this unfair practice.”

Responding to the news, Campaigns Manager Josh Tabish of said: “This is a big win for wireless users across Canada. We’re very happy to see the CRTC taking steps to stop Big Telecom unfairly charging people more to access alternative content and services. Let’s be clear on one thing: the telecom companies were fighting for new tools to squeeze even more money out of mobile users in Canada – but today, they lost that power.”

Tabish continued: “In 2009, Canadians fought for and won open Internet rules to prevent Big Telecom restricting our access to online services. Today’s announcement shows the CRTC is upholding the net neutrality rules Canadians worked so hard for. However, with telecom giants controlling over 90 per cent of the market, Canadians will continue to be mistreated and pay some of the highest prices in the industrialized world. The CRTC now needs to remain vigilant in ensuring that all content flowing across our networks is treated equally.”

In January 2014, OpenMedia and legal experts at The Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) supported Mr. Klass’ complaint by filing an official intervention into the proceeding.

Canadians can tell the CRTC that Canada’s mobile phone and Internet providers giants should have to treat all apps and services equally, and not be allowed to unfairly push people to use content and services they own at


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