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Your Voice at the TPP Negotiations

The secretive and restrictive Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is nearing its 15th round of negotiations, which will be held from December 3-12 in Auckland, New Zealand. This will be the first round of negotiations that Canadian and Mexican representatives will be attending since they signed onto the negotiations in October. The TPP could allow Big Media conglomerates to filter content, block websites, and fine consumers, and so far the negotiations have largely shut out citizen input. So in order to make sure your voices are heard, we launched a petition, and then a few months ago we developed a tool that would allow you to voice your opinions about this undemocratic attempt to restrict the Internet. You responded in droves, speaking up for Internet freedom and sending in your comments on the negotiations. First we took the petition signatures to a lead TPP negotiator, then we projected citizen comments on the walls inside the TPP’s “stakeholder engagement” session. Now, we’re scaling up even further, by going to the TPP negotiations in person to read out your comments.

OpenMedia’s Executive Director Steve Anderson, will be presenting at the Auckland negotiations and putting forward your comments calling for negotiators to open the TPP. The fact that Steve has been asked to attend is a great sign of the impact you’re making – citizen responses have allowed us to take this action.

We’re taking this opportunity to amplify your voices, and to make sure you are heard. We’ll have people on the ground from start to finish, and wherever we find negotiators and lobbyists, we’ll put your comments in front of them.

There’s still time to make sure your opinions are given a voice, so head over to, and we’ll open the TPP together. Add your comment now »

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