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Only hours away from the Supreme Court!

Our deadline to submit our intervention in defence of the Internet to the Supreme Court of Canada is approaching fast, but there’s still time for you to support this important work.

This is exciting: we’re now only hours away from the deadline for our intervention at the Supreme Court of Canada in defence of free expression online. With your support, we’ve been putting all our efforts toward building the strongest possible case to protect our right to express ourselves freely. Our intervention will request that the Internet be made a protected medium of communication under section 2(b) of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in a case that will have impact around the world.

The Supreme Court will be considering an appeal to a lower court’s decision that required Google to remove search results from its global index. Censorship at this level would be a huge setback to our rights to access information and express ourselves freely.

If you’re still unsure about why our intervention is so important, here’s the lowdown on the original case, our reasons for intervening, and a case study involving online censorship-by-copyright. You can also check out our infographic with a roadmap detailing the steps ahead.  

The stakes couldn’t be higher and we hope you will help support this historic case.

If we win, we’ll have built a legal framework for online free expression that will inform court decisions concerning Internet censorship moving forward. We’ll establish a broad understanding of free expression online, and when it is and is not reasonable to limit such expression.

We’re so close to the deadline! Thanks to everyone who has chipped in already to make our legal work possible. And, if you’ve yet to do so, will you take this last chance to stand with us and support this important work?



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