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New privacy report warns about rampant Canadian telecom surveillance

An open Internet is free from government surveillance. Using the Internet to spy on people degrades our freedom and weakens our democracy. Tell that to your Senators at Article by Emily Chung for CBC News Canadian telecommunications providers have been handing over vast amounts of customer information to law enforcement and government departments and agencies with little transparency or oversight, a new report says.

"We conclude that serious failures in transparency and accountability indicate that corporations are failing to manage Canadians' personal information responsibly," says the report released by Citizen Lab todaythat examines how Canadian telecommunications data is monitored, collected and analyzed by groups such as police, intelligence and government agencies.

The report also criticizes the government's "irresponsibility surrounding accountability" with respect to telecommunications surveillance. It warns that that could endanger the development of Canada's digital economy and breed cynicism among citizens.

"Access to our private communications is incredibly sensitive," said Christopher Parsons, lead author of the study and a postdoctoral researcher at Citizen Lab, which conducts research on information technology in the context of human rights and global security.

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