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Bill C-288: Taking your voice to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science, and Technology

With your help, we told the government that people deserve to get what they’re paying for when it comes to Internet speeds.

On March 20, OpenMedia testified before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science, and Technology on the importance of Bill C-288: An Act to amend the Telecommunications Act (transparent and accurate broadband services information).

In our testimony, we focused on the issues that matter to YOU, the OpenMedia community. Bill C-288 would amend Canada’s Telecommunications Act to require Internet service providers (ISPs) to accurately report average broadband network performance to the public. ISPs may advertise a certain speed of Internet plan, and you sign up with the belief that you will be receiving that speed. But often, the speeds advertised on plans are indicative of how fast your Internet could be, but not the speed you are actually receiving on average. 

We can all agree that you have the right to know BEFORE you buy if those speeds accurately reflect average network performance!

Bill C-288 would make it happen. The bill serves to empower everyday individuals and enforce their right to high-quality connectivity. Equipped with accurate readings on broadband speeds, we can better protect ourselves from shady business practices of Big Telecom. If passed, this legislation will help customers in Canada to make informed decisions when choosing their providers, and will encourage ISPs to compete on the speeds that are actually being delivered to customers. 

At the end of the day, this is the LEAST our government can do to bring further truth and transparency to Internet customers in Canada. 

From Bill C-288 to reforming our Competition Act, there’s a LOT everyday people like you can do to take action to protect people in Canada from Big Telecom. Will you speak up right now to curb these monopolies?

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