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Huge coalition of MEPs come out against ancillary copyright

83 MEPs have spoken out against ancillary copyright and Internet users stand with them.

This afternoon, 83 Members of the European Parliament from six parties sent an open letter opposing ancillary copyright for press publishers to the President of the European Commission, as well as Commissioners Ansip and Oettinger, who are leading the implementation of the Digital Single Market strategy for the European Union.

The letter directly addresses the publishing of the Commission’s copyright communication – an action plan for copyright reform in the EU – and notes with great concern (emphasis added):

While the Communication is taking great care in remaining non-committal in nature and open-ended towards the results, both the setting and supplementing references in chapter 4 are directly and unequivocally pointing towards the first steps towards the introduction of an ancillary copyright for the benefit of press publishers.

The proposal of ancillary copyright for press publishers looks to incorporate a link tax that would censor our right to link online. So it’s great to see MEPs from all political stripes standing up to #SaveTheLink.

Considering that European Parliament has twice voted to reject amendments attempting to introduce ancillary copyright in the Reda report, it is unsurprising to see MEPs come out so strongly against the Commission’s explicit nod to introducing the law on a European level.

You can read the full letter here.

And if you’re wondering what you can do to add your voice to the growing chorus opposing ancillary copyright – the link tax – you can speak directly to the Commission today, by using our tool to respond to a public consultation on online platforms.

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