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The Future of Canada’s Internet Is In Our Hands

Our best chance in decades to put the public interest at the heart of the laws that govern Canada’s Internet is here. This is how we seize it.

The government of Canada is reviewing the laws that govern our communications systems, including the Internet, and this is our best chance to put the public interest at the heart of the review.

However, this will also be a prime opportunity for Big Telecom to try to sneak in every bad proposal that threatens the open Internet, such as Bell’s sweeping website blocking plan.

We must show the government our support for an open, affordable and surveillance free Internet in Canada is stronger than ever and that there’s no place for such draconian proposals in an open and innovative Internet ecosystem.

Add your voice: Tell the government’s expert review panel we need an open, affordable, innovative Internet in Canada.

The Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts are the main pieces of legislation that regulate the Internet and their review will make or break the web. It will pave the way for the rules that govern Canada’s communications for years to come, which is why we need to ensure it reflects the interests of everyday people and that the rules can stand the test of time.

From formalizing Canada’s robust Net Neutrality protections that keep the Internet open to ensuring our government policies are suited to address universal and affordable access for everyone in Canada, this review will be the foundation for the future of an open and innovative Internet.

Do you want faster, affordable Internet access in urban and rural areas across Canada? Strong Net Neutrality protections, which keep our Internet Service Providers from choosing what we can see and do online? Want more choice of providers to choose your Internet services from and lower prices?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, this consultation matters to you. Add your voice today!


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