Image for CRTC is holding week-long hearing on Big Telecom’s bad sales practices — share your stories using #CRTCforum!
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CRTC is holding week-long hearing on Big Telecom’s bad sales practices — share your stories using #CRTCforum!

Have you had a bad sales practices experience with your Internet or phone provider? Share your personal stories with the CRTC on Twitter using #CRTCforum!

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is holding a week-long public hearing on Big Telecom’s misleading and aggressive sales practices.

These tactics have bullied thousands of people in Canada into signing up for services they don’t need, or accepting “deals” that are not quite what they seem.

Big Telecom and public interest groups will be appearing before the Commission all week long, but the CRTC wants you to be part of it too!

All you need to do is share your personal story on Twitter using the hashtag #CRTCforum to join the conversation and participate in the hearings from October 22 (9 am EDT) to October 26.

We already submitted more than 1,000 of your horror stories to the record of the proceeding through our Big Bad Sales Tactics action. But now the CRTC wants to hear your stories and reactions to the hearing in real-time, on social media.

This is a great opportunity for us to engage with each others’ stories and the hearing as it’s happening — generating a candid public discussion the CRTC won’t be able to ignore.

According to the CRTC’s own public opinion research, 40% of respondents across Canada have been victims of misleading or aggressive sales practices on behalf of their telecom providers and nearly 60% are extremely of very concerned about this issue.

Big Telecom has taken advantage of us for way too long. The CRTC didn’t even want to look into the issue, and is only doing it now because the government forced their hand.So we need to seize every opportunity we have to make our voices heard and help create change.

Even if you haven’t been a victim of bad sales practices yourself, you likely know someone who has. This is an issue that impacts thousands of people in Canada on a regular basis — we can’t sit back and allow this trickery to continue.

I know that not everyone is on Twitter, but for those of you that are – I’m counting on you to help put an end to Big Telecom’s bad sales practices!

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