Image for CBC: ‘Shrewd’ Canada playing long game as TPP trade talks begin in Maui
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CBC: ‘Shrewd’ Canada playing long game as TPP trade talks begin in Maui

Aloha! Welcome to the weekend, where things get real for TPP negotiations in Hawaii. Speak out now at Article by Janyce McGregor for CBC News As Canada's lead negotiator Kirsten Hillman and the rest of her Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiating team sit down with their counterparts in Maui, Hawaii this weekend, they may sense pounding from more than just the nearby surf.

The game has changed since trade negotiators from 12 Pacific Rim countries met in Guam last April.

The Americans, who'd been busily deal-fixing without a mandate to back it up, are now armed with fast-track negotiating authority from the U.S. Congress.

So, it's on.

Which in America's playbook means more volleys against one of the few defensive positions Canada takes on trade: the quota-based supply management system that sustains dairy, poultry and egg farmers.

Cue another open letter from U.S. lawmakers equating an unwillingness to dismantle marketing boards with not taking negotiations seriously.

Tee up media for another subtle threat from U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman that if Canada doesn't give more, it will be left behind.


Japan, the other country driving in the front seat, made similar noise. Canada could be out, its trade minister suggested. 

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