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Canada’s historic chance to be the fastest team on the ice

Right now, we face a unique opportunity to kickstart Canada’s Internet, and improve the level of service Canadians can access into the 21st century. The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission has begun their review of what constitutes basic Internet service in Canada, and their deadline for input is rapidly approaching. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to stand together, and demand access to faster, cheaper Internet for 100% of Canadians. For years, Canada has had one of the least ambitious digital strategies in the industrialized world, with Internet experts like Michael Geist asking, “Why does Canada still lack a coherent broadband goal?” I mean, think about this: in 2015, the U.S. government set their basic broadband speed to be 25Mbps. What’s Canada’s target? 5 Mbps… By 2019. This is embarrassing, but the government can change our targets if we speak out now. It’s no secret that Big Telecom has you locked into some of the slowest and most expensive Internet service in the industrialized world. It’s not fair: we deserve the same level of service as our international counterparts. When it comes to Internet speeds, Canada doesn’t want to be just a contender. We want to be the fastest team on the ice. Now, the good news is that the CRTC’s review of basic telecommunications services is rapidly approaching and could ensure all Canadians have access to faster, cheaper Internet for future generations. But we’re short on time. Add your name NOW, and we’ll send your message before their final deadline.

We know Big Telecom is going to throw every lobbyist, lawyer, and PR shill they have at the hearing to make sure we stayed locked into their slow, expensive service. If we don’t stop these giants, they’ll make sure our infrastructure is set up to be slow and tightly-controlled so they can continue price-gouge each and every one of us.

I mean, the CEO of Netflix publicly said Canadians suffer from “Third World” Internet service. The situation is bad, but this hearing is our best chance to fix it.

If you’re out there reading this, we really need you to drop what you’re doing and demand affordable, world-class Internet for 100% of Canadians before the government's final deadline for input.

We need to make sure government officials know we will not put up with this any longer. Enough is enough. Add your voice now and we'll make sure they hear you now while the process is open.

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