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Bringing Big Telecom down to earth: Help us create a new set of rules for Canada’s telecom giants

If you had the chance – what would you say to the heads of Canada’s Big Telecom giants? It’s a tiring process trying to talk with someone – anyone – from within Big Telecom who seems to empathize with or understand Canadians. We’ve been a conduit for citizen concerns from the beginning with our campaign; and we’re still continuing on today with our call for Canadians to reshape our wireless market by sharing their We’ve been reading your horror stories and we know that you’re angry. We need new rules that apply to all Big Telecom companies equally – rules that are upheld and followed, instead of avoided. What should these rules be? Don’t just tell us, tell Telus.

Telus has asked to meet with us – they’re flying three senior people out to a meeting with Directors Steve & Reilly next week. We’ll be sitting down with representatives of Big Telecom to discuss the concerns you’ve raised through and through comments on our social media channels.

Canadians – you – are making a difference by voicing complaints about Big Telecom. Because of your support, national decision-makers on telecom policies at the CRTC have been stopping Big Telecom in their tracks, calling for increased transparency in pricing practices and now extending an ear to your input in creating a new wireless code.

If we’re going to succeed, we have to start setting a new direction for Big Telecom. Now’s your chance – your call is no longer on hold and is no longer in a ‘queue’. We’re taking the first steps and we need to hear from you.

Help us crowdsource our meeting with Telus - what rules would you like to see applied to all Big Telecom companies equally? What policies does Big Telecom need to adopt to ensure you get the treatment and service you deserve?

We’ll bring your comments into the room, and report back right away with their responses.

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