Image for From Antarctica to Vietnam, global Internet users are creating a vision for our digital future

From Antarctica to Vietnam, global Internet users are creating a vision for our digital future

Our small team at OpenMedia would like to take a moment to thank you - all of you - who have used the Internet to help create a roadmap forward for a fair digital future. It was in October 2013 that we asked our community - Internet users who are invested in driving the Internet, creating and sharing online, and collaborating without borders - to help shape our collective digital future. Our call was in response to continued backdoor negotiations of a massive agreement known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which will threaten our ability to innovate online, create excessive copyright terms, and criminalize your online activity.

As we discovered in fresh leaks in November and December 2013, we now know that the TPP is worse than we thought. It could send everyday users of the Internet to jail for small-scale copyright infringement, and kick whole families off the Internet as a result of being accused of copyright infringement.


By looking to crowdsource the answer, we were hoping to create an inclusive, participatory process that will help us create a path forward to ensure our digital future remains open, free, and constructive -- and the response we’ve received can only be described as amazing.

We’ve had participants from all over the world - literally, different corners of the globe - take part in our drag-and-drop Internet voice tool. From Antarctica (yes, Antarctica!) to Australia, Bangladesh to Cameroon, Romania to the United Arab Emirates, Portugal to South Africa, over 12,000 people have had their say.

And we are hoping to build on this incredible momentum as we head into the final stages of getting your feedback.

If you’ve already shared your vision using our Internet voice tool - thank you! Your contribution is helping to pave the way forward, and we will soon be preparing a report outlining the ideas, strategies, and solutions being put forward by the pro-Internet community.

Please continue to share this Internet voice tool, tell your friends, and urge them to join this global effort to build a fair digital future:

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We’ve also received responses from Antarctica, Bangladesh, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, India, Ireland, Pakistan, Venezuela among others. Let’s keep this going!

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