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Parliament must fast-track pro-consumer Bill C-288

Requiring ISPs to be accurate in reporting Internet speeds is an overdue fix

SEPTEMBER 23, 2022 — Today OpenMedia is calling on MPs from all parties to support Bill C-288, a private member’s bill introduced by MP Dan Mazier (Dauphin—Swan River–Neepawa ). The proposed bill, a reintroduced version of last year’s C-299, would amend the Telecommunications Act to require ISPs to accurately report average broadband network performance to the public in their areas of operation.

By requiring ISPs to accurately and publicly report on key performance indicators during peak use of broadband service, Bill C-288 will help telecommunications customers in Canada make informed decisions in choosing between services, and encourage service providers to compete on the actual network performance they’re delivering to their customers.

“When you sign up for an Internet plan, you deserve to know what you’re paying for,” says OpenMedia Campaigns Director Matt Hatfield. “It’s a simple matter of truth and transparency. If an Internet provider is advertising certain speeds, consumers have the right to know BEFORE they buy if those speeds accurately reflect average network performance. Other countries have handled this issue — Canada is falling behind. We hope to see every MP support and help pass Bill C-288.”

“This legislation is particularly important for people in rural areas or those who rely on low-cost Internet service,” added Hatfield. “High speed internet underperformance is irritating; but when lower speed Internet underperforms, it effectively denies people an essential service. Ensuring transparent and accurate broadband services is non-negotiable when it comes to closing the digital divide for underserved folks in Canada.”

Similar speed reporting requirements have been adopted in recent years in Australia and the United Kingdom. In the U.S., the FCC has mandated broadband labels that inform customers of a wide range of performance and cost information, including average speeds.

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