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Grassroots Group OpenMedia.ca Hopeful Pro-Privacy MP Borg’s Online Privacy Bill Will Lead to Important Safeguards

Borg signed up as a Pro-Privacy MP after hearing from Canadians who used the tool at http://openmedia.ca/stand to call for a commitment to pro-privacy legislation. OpenMedia.ca is pleased to see this MP make moves to follow through on her promise.

Meanwhile, the group points out, the Conservative Party is continuing to push Bill C-12—which would erode privacy rights guaranteed by other legislation (namely PIPEDA)—through Parliament.

OpenMedia.ca Executive Director Steve Anderson had this to say about Charmaine Borg’s bill:

“Considering the nearly 150,000 speaking out through our StopSpying.ca campaign against online spying bill C-30, and considering the range of recent data breaches by government agencies, it is clear that Canadians need pro-privacy action by the government to protect us against reckless data practices. We welcome Charmaine Borg’s online privacy bill because we think it’s a tool that can later be applied to protect our privacy against reckless warrantless access to our private information by government authorities. This bill is a useful stepping stone to safeguard our privacy.”

Anderson adds, however, that the bill could go further: “Our primary concern with online privacy right now is how government authorities handle our private information.

“Canadians want their privacy protected not only from abuse from businesses, but especially from government authorities. The massive public outcry around the now-defunct online spying bill C-30 was a response to threats of privacy invasion from police and government authorities; Canadians are waiting for legislation that takes proactive steps to protect their privacy on that front as well.”

Borg appears to be acting on this concern by requesting the Ethics Committee conduct a study around privacy breaches within the public sector. OpenMedia.ca hopes this will ultimately lead to more protections for Canadians.

Canadians can continue to call on their MPs to take a pro-privacy stand at http://openmedia.ca/stand.

About OpenMedia.ca

OpenMedia.ca is a grassroots organization that safeguards the possibilities of the open and affordable Internet. The group works towards informed and participatory digital policy.

Through campaigns such as StopTheMeter.ca and StopSpying.ca, OpenMedia.ca has engaged over half-a-million Canadians, and has influenced public policy and federal law.

About the StopSpying.ca campaign

The StopSpying.ca campaign is the multi-faceted grassroots effort that successfully stopped online spying bill C-30. The camapaign was hosted by OpenMedia.ca with support from the StopSpying.ca Coalition, which holds that this type of legislation enables warrantless surveillance that is invasive, excessive, and costly.

Nearly 150,000 people have signed the StopSpying.ca petition or sent a message to their MP at http://openmedia.ca/stand, and tens of thousands have joined the conversation through the Twitter hashtag #TellVicEverything.



Lindsey Pinto
Communications Manager, OpenMedia.ca
[email protected]

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