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Diverse Coalition Calls on Citizens to Ignite Communication Debate

SaveOurNet.ca report sets the record straight on Net Neutrality

Vancouver, October 1, 2008: A report released by members of the SaveOurNet.ca Coalition today dispels the myths put forward by the dominant Internet Service Providers and demonstrates that an open Internet is the way forward if we want social, cultural and economic innovation in Canada. Members of the SaveOurNet.ca coalition are urging Canadians to use the report, entitled “Fact vs. Fiction”, to make Net Neutrality a more prominent issue in the election.

The report addresses several common fallacies being perpetuated by large telecom companies, such as:
- the industry has not needed regulation in the past and does not need it now
- net neutrality legislation prevents corporations from making their networks more efficient
- corporations need to manage traffic on their networks in order to prevent congestion;
- throttling internet traffic does not affect a consumer’s enjoyment of the internet

Campaign for Democratic Media National Coordinator Steve Anderson is pleased that these common misconceptions are being exposed. "This document sets out the facts about net neutrality. The Internet is an important resource that belongs to all Canadians and we deserve to be able to freely access the content we choose, without discrimination. It is our internet after all." Anderson also notes that a neutral net will benefit Canadian business just as much as it benefits consumers: "By limiting service, Internet service providers can unfairly restrict the services that some businesses provide online. Maintaining a level playing field on the Internet is essential to online innovation and the future development of web services.”

Kris Krug from Raincity Studios said today, "Building our business and becoming world leaders in building people-powered web communities would not be possible without an open Internet. Throttling could put a choke hold on the Internet and crumble made in Canada online innovators"

“The CRTC needs to step in to ensure net neutrality as the FCC did in the United States in August”, said Philip Lee, Deputy Director of Programmes at the World Association of Christian Communication. “If not, Canada risks being out of step with the wider Internet community world wide. Continuing to allow throttling or slowing down of the Internet by Internet service providers like Bell and Rogers could have dramatic unintended consequences on Internet businesses and our economy as a whole.”

SaveOurNet.ca is encouraging Canadians to ask candidates where they stand on net neutrality. For more information visit: http://www.saveournet.ca/

"The SaveOurNet.ca report is thorough and thoughtful. It will certainly be invaluable for students who want to make this an issue in their riding," said Ben Lewis, a representative of the Canadian Federation of Students.

Citizens, politicians and policy makers can take action and download the “Fact vs. Fiction” report from the Saveournet.ca

Report also available for download here:

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