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Our campaigns of International relevance. Please take action.

Net Neutrality: The Internet Fights Back​

Net Neutrality: The Internet Fights Back​

Undemocratic forces are working to destroy the Internet we know and love. And we’re here to fight back. Tell the FCC you support an open Internet and the Title II Net Neutrality protections it relies on.
Strong Encryption Saves Lives

Save Our Security - Strong encryption saves lives

Use our tool to write a letter to the editor stating that encryption is vital to the security of UK citizens. Help put pressure on your MP to stand up for strong encryption.
Letter to the Editor: Defend Your Privacy at the Border

Letter to the Editor: Defend Your Privacy at the Border

Want to stop warrantless searches of your cellphone at the border? Your local paper is the way to go! And we've made it super easy to speak up.
Save Our Security UK

Save Our Security – UK

Tell Home Secretary Amber Rudd: Encryption keeps us safe. Do not weaken everyone’s security by creating backdoors that hackers and malicious actors can exploit.

Put a stop to invasive Stingray surveillance

Stingrays (also known as “IMSI-catchers”) are surveillance devices that can suck up sensitive, personal info in our cell phones. Calls, emails, and texts – our most intimate moments. We know they’re being used in countries including the U.S. and Australia, and other governments are fighting to keep their use a secret. We must rein this in. 

Stop the Internet Censorship Machine

Dangerous new copyright censorship proposals are on their way. Endorse our call to the U.S. Copyright Office to stop them.
Defend America's Internet

Defend America’s Internet

Our open Internet is under intense attack right now. Will you stand with us for an open web?

Defend Border Privacy

U.S. politicians want to force every single traveller at the airport to hand over their digital devices, unlock them, and provide their social media passwords. Join the international outcry to stop this before it becomes law.

The Internet shouldn't have a toll booth

Regulators in Europe are about to make a decision that will fundamentally impact how the Internet works — one that will be felt worldwide. Make sure to take action and tell regulators not to create a toll booth online.
Save the Link

Save The Link

Linking is the foundation of the Web. Tell decision-makers that you oppose regulations that aim to censor links.
My Netflix my privacy

My Netflix, My Privacy

Tell Netflix NOW: “Stand up to Big Media bullies and do not block pro-privacy VPN technology.”
No Fake Internet

No Fake Internet

Mark Zuckerberg's will control what billions do online.
TPP final battle

The final battle over the TPP just began. Stand with us.

The TPP was just signed by all participating nations. But we have a plan to stop key countries from ratifying this dangerous pact and stop it dead in its tracks. We need you on our side for final battle to stop the TPP


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RT : Why Fair Dealing is Not Destroying Canadian Publishing: story behind copyright and licensing battles…
2 hours 40 min ago
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2 hours 40 min ago
Tell $BX : Acquiring tech firm NSO Group = investing in human rights abuses. via
2 hours 40 min ago

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