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Our campaigns in Canada. Please take action.

Collage says "demand a fair deal!" on paper cut-outs. A man hold his phone and a hand is holding another phone.

Demand a fair deal on your cell bill

Demand reasonable prices: Ask the Big Three to extend their promotion — from a one weekend extravaganza that left customers empty-handed after waiting for hours  to a permanent offering.
Image of a crane blocking out a URL by placing a black “censorship” bar in front of it. Caption: #StopBellCensorship underneath

Stop Bell Censorship

Tell Telus and Rogers to oppose Bell’s censorship plan and stand up for Net Neutrality.
Image of parliament surrounded by CCTV cameras with text that reads "your privacy is decided here"

C59: stop the spying

Write a message to demand privacy protections in the C-59 reform bill. We’ll include it in our witness statement to the SECU committee.

The World for the Web

 Now it’s time for the global community to show that it matters to us too. it's time to stop the FCC’s plan.
Don’t let the Internet turn into Cable 2.0

Don’t let the Internet turn into Cable 2.0

Tell the CRTC Canadians won’t accept an Internet that is like cable TV.
Step up for the free and open internet


Power new campaigns and match donations made through our monthly donor drive in December!
The TPP: Again [facepalm icon]

Kill the TPP

The TPP could be finalized as soon as this November! Tell Trade Minister François-Philippe Champagne to stop pursuing TPP-11 negotiations.

Don’t Let Bell Censor Our Internet

Tell Minister Chrystia Freeland to reject Bell's underhanded attempt to exploit NAFTA to impose Internet censorship.
Demand a National Broadband Strategy


Tell Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly and Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains: We desperately need a national broadband strategy so that ordinary Canadians can actually afford to get online.
Protect encryption

5 eyes: Save Encryption

Ministers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the U.S. have gone public with their plans for a huge attack on our personal security. We must stop these attacks on privacy.
No Free Trade Without a Free Internet

No Free Trade Without a Free Internet

We need to make sure that our voices are as loud as possible from the very beginning of this process: we cannot let NAFTA sacrifice our digital rights.
Lower my cellphone bill


Tell the CRTC about your struggles with high cellphone bills and we’ll submit them to the public record.
No Social for U.S. Visas

No Social Media for U.S. Visas

New rules are forcing people to submit their social media information to obtain U.S. visas. Send an urgent fax to key representatives to stop this.

Historic campaigns

Our Canadian campaigns that made history.

Stop the Meter

Stop the Meter

The Stop the Meter campaign was one of the earliest campaigns our organization took on — and, for many Canadians, it was the first time they ever heard of OpenMedia. Have a look back at how we successfully fought plans to introduce a pay meter on the Internet services of Canadians.
Stop Spying

Stop Spying

Take a look back at our Stop Spying campaign against Bill C-30, an invasive piece of online spying legislation introduced by Canada's former Conservative federal government. We successfully rallied over 150,000 people from right across Canada to defeat this bill.


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OpenMedia works to keep the Internet open, affordable, and surveillance-free. We create community-driven campaigns to engage, educate, and empower people to safeguard the Internet.

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