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Your voice DELIVERED: Over 35,000 signatures to the Senate on Bill C-11.

This week, we delivered 35k petition signatures to our Senators demanding they fix Bill C-11!

Shout out to YOU! Thanks to the hard work of the OpenMedia community, we delivered our latest petition to the Senate Standing Committee on Communications and Transport demanding they fix Bill C-11. Click here to read our petition delivery in full. 

In our submission, we told the Senate:  under no circumstances should the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) be given such sweeping powers to regulate and manipulate content Canadians are watching, listening to, or posting on the Internet. 

As written, Bill C-11 is all-encompassing legislation that would give the CRTC complete control to regulate nearly every video, podcast, and TikTok short online. Every Internet user should be able to freely view the content they want, follow the creators they like, and post and share content they make. Bill C-11 MUST be amended to respect the choice and expression of all Internet users. The Internet is an open space where Canadians have endless options for streaming services, videos, and music. Any attempt to restrict or manipulate users' online experiences risks breaking the Internet and attacks freedom of expression. 

At over 35,000 action-takers strong and counting, our petition is sure to turn heads. By signing our petition, you’ve given the Senate a much-needed wake-up call. Canadians won’t stand idly while politicians make major decisions that make our online experience worse. All of this couldn't be done without you! This isn't the first time your voice impacted this bill. Since 2021, over 91,000 OpenMedia community members have raised concerns about Bill C-11 and its predecessor Bill C-10, that brings our total to a whooping 126,000 action takers on both Bill C-11 and Bill C-10.  

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for speaking up and being part of this journey! This is YOUR voice in action, having an impact!  You and thousands of our community members have joined the dozens of digital-first creators, academics, and civil society groups that have spoken up against this version of Bill C-11. Now, all eyes are on the Senate; will they act in the best interest of Internet users to make Bill C-11 work to respect our choices? Or will they double down on controlling our feeds and search results? 

Read our petition delivery here

Are you looking to make an impact on Bill C-11? You still have time! Spread the word about Bill C-11 on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll share our final signatures with the House of Commons if and when the Senate refers Bill C-11 back to them.

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