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Your TPP JumboTruck is live in Toronto!

You donated to make it happen! We’re beaming your comments and videos outside Canadian Trade Minister Freeland’s TPP Town Hall.

Hi folks, Meghan here. I just wanted to say thanks to every single community member who chipped in to fund our second community jumbotron protesting the TPP, as well as to all those who sent in their comments for us to highlight.

As I write this, our truck is parked outside Canadian Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland’s TPP Town Hall in Toronto, displaying your messages and our video reel on two giant screens. A third screen is directing everyone who sees it to head over to our Let’ and sites to put their concerns on the public record.

As I’ve said before, these big screens are more than just giant televisions. They represent the dedication and hard work of you, the Internet community, to be heard during a process that was never meant to include everyday people.

Thanks to your continued efforts, the Canadian government has been opening up to more public consultations. We think this is a great development, even at this late stage in the game. We haven’t won yet though, so you can count on us to keep the pressure to reject TPP Internet censorship until the end.

I’m also grateful to be partnered up with some fantastic organizations on this — UNIFOR, the Council of Canadians, SumOfUS, and are all working tirelessly to ensure regular people are empowered to oppose the TPP and stick up for positive change.

Finally, I’d like to repeat that none of this would have been possible without financial support from generous community members, so once again, thank you.

Without further ado, here are a few early photos of your JumboTruck (our unofficial name for it) in action, in Toronto:

And, last but not least, if you’ve yet to do so, don’t forget to speak up using the online tools at and


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