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Your Internet stories are up in Ottawa!

You shared your Internet stories with us. We plastered them in ads. Our decision makers won't be able to ignore these.

We want to deliver a strong message to the new government as it settles into Ottawa. So we collected dozens of personal stories from people across the country who struggle to connect to the Internet due to pricing, availability or lack of choice — and we put them on ads!

It’s now official — our crowdsourced ads displaying a handful of powerful Internet stories from real people across Canada are now live in Ottawa, right by Parliament!

(If you spot any of these in real life, feel free to email us a shot to [email protected] or tweet @OpenMediaOrg)

Thank you so much to those of you who shared their stories with us and donated to make these ads a reality! 

Your lived experiences are crucial to highlight the flaws in our telecom services and make our decision makers understand how the lack of affordable and reliable Internet services directly impacts people from all walks of life in Canada.

We are also using this opportunity to introduce the next phase of this campaign to fix Canada’s broken telecom market and ensure everyone has a high-speed Internet connection. We’ve built an online tool that allows you to send your Internet story directly to your MP and demand they take action at!

So your MPs will not only see these ads right by Parliament, they will also get thousands of personal Internet stories from their constituents in their inboxes. They won’t be able to ignore this!

During the election, all parties promised better connectivity, so this is a prime opportunity to message our MPs and hold them to their word. [2] Plus, a minority government means parties will have to work together, making the voice of every party and every MP matter more than ever. Try our new tool!

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