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Thank you for helping shape the future of Canadian copyright!

As the government’s Copyright Act review consultation closes its call for public comments, we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped shape the future of Canada’s copyright rules.

Over the past couple months, the Canadian government has been reviewing the Copyright Act and has been collecting feedback from experts and the public across the country to help inform and shape our copyright rules.

On December 10th, the call for comments came to an end, and the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology (INDU), which is in charge of studying the Act, is now gearing up to conclude its study in early 2019.

OpenMedia launched a handy online tool at to help people across the country make their voices heard in the consultation, and over 4,400 of our community members used it to raise their concerns directly with the INDU committee.

So we’d just like to say: Thank you for speaking out OpenMedia community!

Each and every single one of your submissions is making a difference. In fact, we were told by the Committee members themselves that they were getting every one of your submissions sent through our tool when we testified before INDU in October. So you can be sure your concerns are being noticed by key decision makers, and our pressure is working to help shape this key piece of legislation that will impact how we share and collaborate online.

Stay tuned for new developments on the Copyright Act review!

You can read OpenMedia’s full written brief submitted to the INDU committee as part of the review below.


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