Image for Our submission, your voices: Cell phone horror stories in action at the CRTC

Our submission, your voices: Cell phone horror stories in action at the CRTC

Our job at is to amplify citizens voices in the fight for our digital future. So when Canadians took action and told your tales at, we listened and used your comments to inform our crowdsourced submission to the CRTC’s proceeding on a national code of conduct to protect cell phone users. You can check out the submission, which we filed jointly with our friends at CIPPIC, on our site here. We also sent your stories directly to the CRTC, and expect commissioners to take the time to read each one. To those who told a cell phone story: thank you so much. Your efforts will make the CRTC aware of the real human consequences of our broken cell phone market – it’s hugely important in getting the rules we need to ensure Canadians get fair treatment. Your voices will also push back against Big Telecom using the process to weaken existing protections.

If you haven’t shared your story yet, there’s still time. We’re putting together a research report based on your tales, which will be published as the CRTC begins its public hearing for the cell phone code of conduct in February. Just visit, sign the petition, then add your comments.

Steve Anderson (’s founder and executive director) put it well: “The best way to make effective rules to protect citizens against telecom price-gouging is to ground them in the lived realities of Canadians.”

Thank you for helping us push for a fairer cell phone market, and for a more participatory policymaking process overall. Your work sharing your stories and spreading the word goes a long way.

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