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A mass, continent-wide protest against Article 13 is coming up on March 23rd

Will you join Internet users across the EU to stop the Internet from becoming the "filternet" thanks to the unpopular Article 13?

Earlier this week political group EPP tried to move the vote on Article 13 to as early as next week and before the day of protest against Article 13 on March 23rd in a a dirty, undemocratic move.

However, after mass public outcry, the EPP was quick to back off this outrageous attempt – and even had the guts to deny it — but MEP Julia Reda provided proof of their sneaky demand for an earlier vote. While we managed to dodge their dirty tactic, we cannot let our guard down if we want to stop Article 13.

If you’re not familiar with it already, Article 13 will require platforms to implement upload filters or “Censorship Machines” that will result in widespread censorship of the net. It will lead to legitimate content and speech being taken down, and even more power for U.S. Big Tech companies. We can’t let this happen, and this may be our last best chance to stop Article 13 — will you raise your voice?

We’ve come a really long way in fighting the EU Copyright Directive, and we simply can’t stop now. In addition to sending customized messages to your elected representatives asking them to reject Article 13, people across Europe will be taking the fight to the streets in continent-wide mass protests to stop this toxic piece of legislation on March 23rd.

For more information on local protests visit: and keep up the pressure on your MEPs over the next few weeks. This is a pivotal moment to stop the most unpopular measure in European history, and we cannot sit idle when the free exchange of opinions and culture online is at stake.

Can I count on you to stop Article 13 and save the Internet?


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