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Help Us Set Our Priorities for 2017 by Taking Our Community Survey!

It's almost December and we are starting to imagine what our 2017 looks like, but first: we need your input! So please take a couple minutes to fill out our community survey in the next week to help us shape our upcoming work.

As an organization which has built its mission around Internet users, we are keenly aware that the true power of the Internet lies in the hands of those who use it and love it best: you! This is why we always ask our community for their most pressing campaign ideas – your Internet experience directly shapes the work we do.

And with a new year soon ahead of us, we looking into next year to set our 2017 priorities. We’d like your voice at the (digital) table. You can have your say through our 2016 Community Survey. Tell us what you see as the most inequitable challenges to online access, raise your concerns for potential privacy violations, and by all means please do express freely all that you feel about the state of digital free expression!

The survey will only take a couple of minutes, and it will have huge impact on how we understand the current needs of our community. Feel free to share this survey with other folks who are concerned about digital rights worldwide. We want to reach as many people as possible so that we can take on an even stronger stand for an affordable, accessible, open and surveillance-free Internet!

Your answers also help us to stay effective and efficient, as we really want to focus our best efforts where we can really sway the situation – we’re all about choosing our battles wisely, and then winning them. At OpenMedia, we know It’s only and always because of supporters like you that we do win.

So can we count on you this year? Let us know what you think! You’ve just a week left, so be sure to check our survey out today.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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