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Have a Link Tax Question? Join us on Reddit Ask-Me-Anything(AMA) this Wednesday!

We’re hosting a Reddit AMA! Save the Date and Join us for all your #savethelink questions.

Do you have a question about the ‘Link Tax’? What kind of controls will new copyright proposals actually place on content creation? Why do we talk about censorship machines? What is the upload filter? We’re inviting you to Ask Us Anything!

On Wednesday, November 30th at 8am PST/5pm CET, OpenMedia’s communications specialist Meghan Sali and I will be joining our expert digital rights partners for a Reddit AMA, answering questions about the impending threat of the link tax and increased censorship in the EU. If you're not familiar, AMA = 'Ask Me Anything' on Reddit. It’s a popular place for open live Q&As.  Check out <> where it will be hosted.

Now is the time to ask all the things you have always wanted to ask!

We’ll be joined byJoe McNamee at EDRi and Lisette Kalshoven and Natalia Mileszyk from Communia who are experts on this law – and members of the Save the Link network.

As you know, a new law currently under consideration by the EU would grant big publishers the power to charge fees to link to content. It would also force major sites like YouTube and Tumblr to control what their subscribers upload by creating mandatory content filters.

These uncompromising restrictions would disrupt the fundamental, interconnected nature of the Internet.But we know that our voices are shifting things in a major way. Already, more MEPs are speaking out against the link tax.

We want to help make all the facts and latest developments fully accessible. If you’d like more information to talk to your friends or representative about this topic, or want to meet our other partners in the Save the Link network, this is the opportunity.  We urge YOU to join in!

Have a Reddit account?

If you have an accounts please upvote our AMA on Wednesday, and make sure this conversation reaches as many Internet users as possible. Invite your friends, family, and your MEPs!  

And if you haven’t done so already, let your MEP know that ancillary copyright (aka: the link tax) is a flawed policy with a bad track record that will damage digital democracy. We’ve developed a tool that will help you connect with your representative in Europe, wherever you are.

See you on Reddit on Wednesday, November 30th at 8am PST/ 5pm CET

Stay tuned for a direct link thirty minutes before the AMA start, or find us here in the Ask Me Anything Forum.  


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