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Bill C-51 passed: OpenMedia fights back

We are not giving up, Canada. We’ve got to take the next step and get all parties to repeal Bill C-51.Together we can #KillC51. Speak out now at Article by Fram Dinshaw for the National Observer Bill C-51 passed the Senate on June 9 in a 44-28 vote despite Liberal members’ opposition, but those opposed have vowed to fight until it is repealed.

“Proud to stand today with 25 Lib Senators against Bill C51. But the Con majority passed the bill which will affect your rights,” said Sen. Jim Munson (L) on Twitter just minutes after the vote,

Early reports on Twitter suggest that the bill passed with applause from Conservative senators, but OpenMedia has already launched its fightback against the legislation, vowing to call on leaders of all political parties to commit to repealing the legislation as part of their election platforms, after a total of 243,370 Canadians spoke out against it in the months leading up to the Senate’s vote.

Speaking just hours before the vote, author Margaret Atwood said that if passed, “many people will continue to think the Senators are a bunch of overpaid, entitled, patronage-appointment rubber-stampers, despite the good work they have sometimes done. And the Ottawa Senators will consider changing their name.”

She said that the Senate having a body that could review legislation before it became law and sending it back for a rethink if needed would save the time and expense of challenging legislation in the Supreme Court.

Atwood also said that clear rules and accountability were also needed in the Senate and Senators could partly do that themselves. Her ideal was senators being elected, but not on party lines, so they could be removed more easily in the event of wrongdoing.

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