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Shocking data reveals 1.2 Million privacy breaches a year - OpenMedia.ca available for comment

Anderson continued: "This explains why a key part of the govt’s Online Spying Bill C-13 focuses on granting immunity to telecoms who hand over our information without a warrant. The government want to continue exploiting this loophole that gives them warrantless access to the private lives of Canadians on a mass scale."

"Canadians entrust a great deal of sensitive information to their telecom providers and expect them to keep it safe. That just isn’t happening right now - both the telecoms and the government have serious questions to answer. This news illustrates why Canadians urgently need effective legal measures to protect our privacy from government surveillance."

OpenMedia.ca is working with leading academic experts to demand answers from the telecoms. Over 50 major organizations and tens of thousands of Canadians are calling for legal protections through the Protect Our Privacy coalition at http://OurPrivacy.ca

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