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The Varsity: Why Bill C-51 (and your privacy) matter

Here's why our privacy is so important to us.  If you value yours, keep speaking up to repeal C-51 at Article by Kaitlyn Simpson for The Varsity The year is 2011: Edward Snowden has just come forth with a shocking disclosure regarding the United States National Security Agency’s invasive and secretive practices. The initial media storm gradually grew into a serious and thoughtful conversation about what privacy means in our technological age — naturally, some were outraged, while others felt it was justified.

Yet, others were simply indifferent to the revelations of the U.S government’s online snooping. Perhaps more concerning is how those who initially felt uncomfortable with the Snowden revelations have gradually become desensitized to the reality of being spied on by their own government. 

The willingness of individuals to compromise their privacy without fully understanding the consequences is frightening to me, especially in the wake of similar reactions to the enactment of Bill-C51.

Bill C-51 a piece of is Canadian legislation grounded in surveillance practices parallel to those of the United States. It is an extension of already apparent government spying, and stands to degrade our society’s already limited technological freedom.

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