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Unlocking Canada’s Wireless Code

Canada’s wireless market has long been locked up by the Big Three giants at Rogers, Bell, and Telus who have mislead Canadians into accepting substandard customer service. It’s a chokehold that has confined the growth of smaller competitors and one that continues to set the rules on what service is adopted as being ‘fair’ – even when its not. Last month, decision-makers at the CRTC invited Canadians to provide input on constructing a new wireless code for Big Telecom to adhere to, essentially putting the keys to their unruly kingdom in your hand. In response to this call for Canadians to speak out, we established an online tool at as a way for you to share with the CRTC what you’d like to see change about Big Telecom cell phone service and why.

As a result of the overwhelming response we’ve received through our campaign, the CRTC has now invited Canadians to join an online discussion through their website. Following an examination of the current state of our wireless market, the CRTC addressed three primary questions pertaining to Canada’s wireless market that they’re asking Canadians to help answer:

  • What should be in the wireless code?
  • How should complaints related to the wireless code be resolved?
  • How should the wireless code be promoted and reviewed to ensure it is working?

The CRTC is transitioning their previous call for Canadians to submit comments through a convoluted process into one that streamlines and engages Canadians in an ongoing conversation. It’s a sign of progress and reassurance that CRTC Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais is standing by his promise to put Canadians first. Help uphold this promise and contribute to reshaping Canada’s wireless code in sharing your We’ll be compiling your comments and submitting them on your behalf to the CRTC ahead of the review process. Additionally, if you’d like to share which aspect of cell phone service scares you most, visit

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