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Tyee: Conservative MP repents for part of C-51 sermon

After a whirlwind of mockery on social media, MP Wai Young back-pedalled on some parts of her C-51 sermon... Article by Jeremy J. Nuttall for The Tyee Vancouver South MP Wai Young has apologized for one part of a controversial speech to a B.C. congregation, a talk that included a likening of her Conservative party to Jesus Christ. 

On Tuesday, Press Progress published a storyabout Young telling parishioners at a church in her riding this June that the Conservatives' resolve to pass Bill C-51, the Anti-Terrorism Act, is the kind of thing Jesus used to do. 

The MP also told the congregation that if C-51 had been law at the time of the 1985 Air India bombing, the disaster would not have happened.

Young issued a statement late today that she regrets her comments related to Air India, but not those about Jesus and Bill C-51. 

Opponents of C-51 say it infringes on Canadians' right to privacy and could be abused to stop legitimate dissent. But Young reminded the congregation that people didn't always agree with Jesus either -- and he didn't let that stop him from doing what he thought best for the people.

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