Image for Toronto Star: CJFE and CCLA start constitutional challenge to C-51
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Toronto Star: CJFE and CCLA start constitutional challenge to C-51

We believe C-51 will not stand up to judicial scrutiny, and support all efforts to undo this unjust law. This is only one of many challenges that this reckless, dangerous and ineffective legislation is certain to face, unless politicians listen to the calls of almost 300,000 Canadians who have spoken out at, calling for C-51 to be repealed in its entirety. Speak out now -->

Article by Dan Taekema for the Toronto Star

Two Toronto-based organizations are launching a challenge to the constitutionality of Bill C-51.

Canadian Journalists for Freedom of Expression and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association are filing the lawsuit in response to the bill they call “overbroad” and “offensive.”

“C-51 is the most dangerous legislation we’ve had in recent Canadian history,” said Tom Henheffer, executive director of CJFE. “It will lead to a massive, massive chill on free speech, huge violations of privacy rights and of what is constitutionally protected speech in Canada.”

The Conservative government’s anti-terrorism legislation became law in June, but it’s been the subject of scrutiny and public outcry for the expanded powers it gives to police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

The two organizations are appealing the bill with the help of Paul Cavalluzzo, a renowned constitutional lawyer who previously served as the lead commission counsel during the inquiry into the actions of Canadian officials in relation to Maher Arar.

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