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Never Home: Federal government gives itself unprecedented spying powers

How reckless legislation like Bill C-51 is already affecting families here in Canada. Article by Never Home New anti-terror and security legislation grants extraordinary powers for surveillance, secret hearings, and preventative detention in Canada. Security: Refugees and permanent residents are facing secret trials, deportation or limbo due to tightened security processes. New anti-terror legislation and the secret police bill grant extraordinary powers for surveillance, secret investigative hearings, and preventative detention without charge. Under the vague guise of ‘terrorism,’ citizenship can be revoked from some Canadians.

Hundreds of refugees are facing legal limbo or deportation due to tightened security admissibility processes. One such person is Jose Figueroa, who has been in Canada since 1997 and was approved in principle for permanent residency. Years later, he was declared inadmissible for his prior membership in Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), which Canada claims engages in acts of “terrorism.” The FMLN fought against U.S.-sponsored dictatorships in the 1980s and is the current democratically elected government of El Salvador. As Jose states, “I am not a terrorist. El Salvador is not a country of terrorists. Why is Canada treating us that way? Why is Canada doing this to our family?”

Another example of the impact of security inadmissibility is the case of Sugunanayake Joseph, a widow from Sri Lanka, who was found inadmissible as a member of a terrorist organization, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Joseph was not in fact a member of the Tigers, but she supported the activities of her husband, a Member of Parliament who was assassinated. Joseph’s husband was not actually a member of the Tigers either, but he participated in an alliance that pressed for negotiations between the government and the Tigers.

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