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iPolitics: Top gun advocate turns on Tories, runs as Independent

Huge numbers of conservatives are speaking out against reckless Bill C-51. Despite Harper's Conservatives' efforts to keep the gun lobby in their camp, the sector warns about the dangerous power-grab this legislation gives the security sector, threatening Canadians’ privacy rights. Let's keep fighting until we Kill C-51 -->  Article by Claire Wahlen

The head of Canada’s main gun lobby group — a group that the Harper government has carefully wooed for years — is breaking ranks and running as an Independent in the B.C. riding of Cariboo-Prince George.

And Sheldon Clare, president and CEO of the National Firearm Association and a former Reform Party activist, is hitting the Conservatives where it hurts most — attacking the government’s controversial anti-terrorism law C-51 as a “dangerous” power-grab by the security sector that threatens Canadians’ privacy rights.

“When you consider the problems that happen when you give intelligence agencies enforcement powers, I think that this is a really dangerous road to travel down,” Clare told iPolitics. “The information-sharing between so many government agencies is another real serious threat to the privacy of Canadians.”

Clare said he chose to fight back against C-51 without seeking a party nomination because he’s “sickened” by how the party system stifles dissent and prevents MPs from representing the views of constituents.

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