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Canadians from coast to coast are speaking up!

Despite massive opposition from hundreds of thousands of everyday Canadians and the country’s top privacy experts, reckless Bill C-51 is now law.  Bill C-51 violates our Charter rights and could lead to dangerous and unconstitutional measures. Above all, it underlines just how stark Canada’s privacy deficit has become. Throughout this whole process, over 275,000 Canadians have signed the petition against the bill and tens of thousands more have inundated MPs and Senators with letters, phone calls, emails and tweets to express their opposition. We are witnessing one of the largest campaigns in Canadian history. One of the most powerful actions Canadians are taking is using our Letter-to-the-Editor tool. This powerful tool has enabled Canadians to successfully publish dozens of letters in over 70 major Canadian newspapers, an effective and innovative way to speak out and spread the word in local communities against Bill C-51. 

It's amazing how Canadians from coast to coast to coast are speaking up!

Check out all these fantastic letters that have appeared across the country:

Capital News Time Colonist
Edmonton Journal Toronto Star
Guelph Mercury Tri-Cities Now
Kelowna Capital News Vancouver Sun
London Free Press Newmarket Era
Northern Life Langley Advance
Oceanside Star Cumberland News Now
Peninsula News Review The London Free Press CastANet
Terrace Standard Coast Reporter
The Langley Times Victoria News
The Nelson Daily Oceanside Star
The Province The Rocky Mountain Goat
The Windsor Star Nelson Star
The Windsor Star The Now News
Kelowna Capital News Winnipeg Free Press
Maple Ridge Times My Kawartha
Penticton Western Langley Advance
My Kawartha Olds Albertan
Waterloo Chronicle Ingersoll Times
Delta Optimist The Observer
Castlegar News The Guardian
Springwater News The StarPhoenix
The Journal The Rossland Telegraph
The Free Press Richmond News
Cornwall Free News Salam Toronto
CastANet York Region
Orangeville Citizen Maple Ridge Times
TB News Watch Kitchener Post
LFP  St. Albert Gazette
The Digby County Courier South East Journal
Simcoe The Suburban
Olds Albertan Leduc Representative
Lone Sheep  

All these newspaper letters inspire us to keep up our fight until the Bill is repealed.

The message coming across again and again in these pages is that this reckless bill undermines our basic democratic rights, and Canadians won't stand for it. 

We know decision-makers in Ottawa are feeling the pressure from thousands of Canadians about the unpopular legislation. The Senators themselves publicly said they'd been stunned at the overwhelming flood of emails they received over C-51. 

That's why we need to keep fighting all the way through to the October election and ensure every Canadian voter knows where their representatives stood when it mattered most. Help us to keep up this momentum!

It's time to take action and speak out loudly about how reckless, dangerous and ineffective this bill is. Let's keep piling pressure on all party leaders to commit to repeal Bill C-51. 

Thanks for standing up Canada! We know from experience how powerful people can be when we stand together.

Please join thousands of your fellow Canadians who are taking the time today to send a letter to their local paper using our easy-to-use tool HERE.

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