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3 cheers for your secret data, from your not-so-secret admirers at OpenMedia

We’re rolling out a slew of privacy events and tools this spring - ‘cause we honour the security of our beloved community and always put safety first!

Dear Community,

We’re not going to wish you a happy… February 14th. ‘Cause let’s face it — we know you’re all too cool for skool and don’t give this pink fluffy commercialized holiday too much thought, wonderful, critical thinking friends.

And our passion for digital rights is a year-round thing after all, not just a flash in the pan. We have an unwavering desire to always put your digital rights first —- so that you can enjoy unrestricted free expressions of love (meme-ified or not), access to all your favourite online channels to tell the folks you love that you love them, and privacy measures that will keep all of your secret admiring activities secret.

We are especially keen to keep your digital footprints covered for, as they say — Safety first, friends!

As things currently stand when it comes to your online privacy, we know that the government is much like a pushy partner: they might say ​they want to know who you’re hanging out with to help you stay safe, but they're really just violating your privacy.

This is why we’ve got three exciting privacy events lined up. Stay tuned for:

  • Feb 22: Mapping your Digital Footprint and the launch of IX Maps @ Cineworks, 1131 Howe Street, Vancouver.

  • March:  Film noir themed #CryptoParty, date TBD

  • New steps and tools in our campaign to keep the government accountable, as we anticipate the release of Bill C-51 consultation results AND take action to protect your rights in light of new concerns from Trump's executive order. 
    *** HAPPY EDIT as of February 15th *** The Bill C-51 national consultation results have been RELEASED (and kind of early). Have a look-see! 

Our event on February 22nd is already at capacity with RSVPs — but we expect to have some unclaimed spots just before the event, to be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis at 6:15pm, fifteen minutes before the start of the event. If you’re in Vancouver, be there early! If you’re not, we’ll also be offering a Facebook live stream and live tweeting the event at #MapYourFootprint.

And you’ll also have a chance to join the conversation at our crypto party— a decentralized dancey learning space, and the perfect counter-V day celebration, all about showing each other some love while protecting each other in our online spaces.

A secret sleuthy hacker party of all mad genius nerds like us?! With an encryption workshop, open source tools, and a safe cubby space for your laptops once you disappear online with us and are ready to dance? It’s all around the corner — because we all know that it is when we feel respected and secure online that our creativity can truly flourish.

Happy year-round love for the Internet, dear community! And three cheers to keeping your wildest Internet-ing under wraps, just as it should be, shared with only those who get your full consent first.

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