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Will CRTC halt media consolidation?

From: Hour

As Canadian media have zoomed in on the fraud trial of former media tycoon Conrad Black, they have neglected a far more important story: the concentration of Canadian media in fewer and fewer corporate hands.

"Over the last number of years we've seen major media consolidation - fewer owners controlling vertical integration of media," NDP Heritage Critic Charlie Angus told Hour this week. "When you have one or two players controlling one urban market, they start pulling reporters and you hear less real news on the ground. When you have one or two stations or papers holding all the markets, you hear the same voices everywhere all the time. That's not healthy for democratic discourse."

So the non-profit, non-partisan Canadians for Democratic Media reform network has launched a national campaign urging people to send a message to the CRTC's current hearings in media consolidation.

continue reading here: http://www.hour.ca/news/news.aspx?iIDArticle=12500

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